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Best Material Handling Trends In 2023

Material handling refers to the movement, storage, control, and protection of materials and products at a manufacturing facility. It is one of the most essential aspects of any logistics & warehousing operation and over the last few years, significantly developed as well. There is a constant discovery and advancement of material handling technology which aims at improving efficiency, safety, and productivity of the operations.

“Flexible and agile material handling systems are on the rise, allowing businesses to quickly adapt to changing market demands and handle a variety of products with ease.”

In the year 2023, let us understand what the current and most resourceful material handling trends are that seem to evolve this year.

Automation and Robotics

Automation and robotics have been transforming the material handling industry for several years now and they are expected to continue this transformation in the foreseeable future. The use of drones, automated guided vehicles, and autonomous mobile robots has seen a growth in the recent years. They are used for transporting materials and products within the facility. These high-tech machines are equipped with sensors and cameras that help navigate through the complex storage environment, avoid obstacles, and increase production speed. Raptech material handling solutions help you build an easy-to-navigate storage facility even in the most complex facilities. Our smart engineering designs help to ease the movement of your advance automated machines and spend the production and material movement process.

Robotics is also being used to automate material handling tasks such as palletising, de-palletising, and order picking. With the use of robots, businesses can improve the speed and accuracy of these processes, reduce the risk of accidents and injuries, and free up human workers to focus on higher-value tasks.

Environment Friendly and Sustainable Packaging Solutions

It is important to assess the consequences of a business at an environmental level. Sustainability is a growing concern for all, and material handling is no exception. We can expect to see more businesses implementing sustainable material handling practices. This will include reducing waste, optimising energy consumption, and using environmentally friendly materials. Implementation of practices like lean manufacturing and reusable packaging can help businesses reduce waste. They can also optimise energy consumption by using energy-efficient equipments and optimising transportation routes to reduce fuel consumption.

Returnable and Foldable Pallets

Returnable pallets are pallets that can be used multiple times for the transportation and storage of goods. Made from durable materials like wood, plastic, or metal, they are designed to withstand the rigors of transportation and handling. Foldable pallets are also known as collapsible pallets. Like the name suggest, these pallets can be collapsed or folded for efficient storage and transportation when they are not in use. They are typically made from plastic or metal and can be easily stacked and stored when not in use, saving valuable warehouse and transportation space. Due to their sustainability benefits and cost-saving potential, these pallets are now trending. Returnable pallets can help reduce waste and environmental impact, while foldable pallets can help reduce transportation costs and improve supply chain efficiency.

Space Saving Storage Units

Raptech Engineering offers Transtocker, a fully automatic vertical storage system. Suitable for volumetric parts with less weight, especially sheet metal & plastic components in the Automotive industry, this is space saving storage unit that saves more than 50% floor space. The space saved can be utilised for assembly line and adding value in manufacturing. It can also be customised for corrugated boxes storage in bins with capacity of less than 50 Kg/bin. Its control system with HMI, PLC, and Servo motors maintains highest standards of accuracy, operator safety, and ergonomics. This product is flexible and can be customised for any product within the weight range of 5 to 50 kgs. This technology also helps in eliminating the use of forklifts.

We understand that the material handling industry is evolving rapidly with new technologies and practices emerging every year. We can expect to see continued growth in automation, sustainability, and returnable / foldable pallets. By adopting these trends, businesses can improve efficiency, safety, and sustainability, and gain a competitive edge in their industry.

Raptech’s skilfully engineered solutions can help you organise your storage efficiently. Our customisable solutions help to increase productivity and the speed of the production. Our trolley and pallets are designed to reduce the possibility of loss or damage of materials. Our value addition is our decades of expertise that can help you make the workflow smooth, quick, and rapid, like our solutions!

We develop products keeping our customers’ concerns, requirements, and feedbacks in mind. We provide our clients with a wide range of material handling equipment to optimize material handling in their automotive manufacturing facility.

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