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Our Niche Solutions for the Automotive & Logistics Industries
We always aim to provide thoughtful solutions to our client's complex requirements.
Material Handing ANC

Material Handling
Industrial Trolleys & Pallets

Our engineered material handling solutions are designed, keeping the customer's needs in mind at every step of the production, thereby saving him time and money.

We don’t just provide a fabricated industrial trolley/pallet, but a solution that has a design vision, matched with engineering expertise.

01 Material Handling Trolleys & Pallets
Paint Shop ANC

Paint Shop
Jigs & Skids

Paint Shop Jigs are essential to ensure even and flawless painting of vehicle bodies. This is one of the most critical solutions that Raptech provides in the automotive sector. At Raptech, we create metal and plastic Paint Shop Solutions, specially designed for robotic painting. Based on our industry experience and technical know-how, we are a preferred partner for automotive industries paint shop requirements.

02 Paint Shop Jigs & Skids
Fixturing ANC

Fixturing & Allied 

Fixturing solutions are application based solutions that are crucial for engineering and ancillary industries. They not only ensure precision and robustness in the manufacturing process, but also make products uniform and interchangeable.

Raptech manufactures fixtures that are sturdy, functional and diversified.

03 Fixturing & Allied Solutions
Vehicle AT ANC

Vehicle Assembly 

Vehicle Assembly is a critical step which involves specialised tooling.

Having the right assembly tools is imperative for OEM’s to successfully launch their next product range, hence at Raptech, we use cutting edge technology and infrastructure to manufacture accurate tools.

04 Vehicle Assembly Tooling

SPM & Automation 

‘Industry 4.0’ and ‘IOT’ are no more some fancy words. More and more industries are adopting these to increase digitisation and automation in processes.

At Raptech, we understood this need and enhanced the infrastructure and design capabilities to accommodate automation requirements of our clients. We have been able to provide optimised solutions for improving rate of production, accuracy and repeatability as well as accommodation of multiple variants. Based on our project analysis we recommend the degree of automation that will optimise the system while remaining cost effective for our client.

05 SPM & Automation Solutions
Plastic Moulding ANC

EPP Trays & Plastic
Moulded Parts

Non-metallic packaging solutions are an important requirement for Automotive OEM. We understand the packaging needs as per the product class and design prototypes according to size, shape of the product, evaluate manufacturing feasibility and develop mould for the forming.

Raptech also supplies Plastic Plugs to its automotive clients. We have the capabilities to design and developed the moulds in-house for mass production of these plastic plugs.

06 EPP Trays & Plastic Moulded Parts



Make every square foot of your shop floor count!

  • Breaking barriers of conventional storage, the revolutionary Transtocker stores light and medium duty products in a compact and ultra-efficient way.

  • It's simple and smart design allows users to achieve maximum product storage, compared to conventional storage methods.

  • Transtocker's control system with HMI, PLC and servo motors maintains the highest standards of accuracy, operator safety and ergonomics.

  • Remarkably flexible, the Transtocker can be customised for any product within the range of 5 Kg


The sturdy Transtocker functions with the following highly reliable components

01. Rollers

02. Loading Lift

03. Unloading Lift

04. Buffer Storage

05. Empty Roller Return Tracks

06. Control System

Path breaking highlights of the system

Icon 1.png

Lesser Floor


is Occupied

Icon 2.png



of Vertical Space

Icon 3.png

Fully Automated

Loading And Unloading of Parts

Icon 4.png


Storage Capacity &

Effortless Operation

Laser Cutting

Sheet & Tube Laser Cutting

LC5 - One Choice Twice the Opportunity

Tube Working Range

Round Tube : min. ø12 mm - max. ø120 mm

Square Tubes : min. 12x12 mm - max. 100x100 mm

Rectangular, Flat, Oval Tubes : min. 10x12 mm - max. 120x70 mm

Loadable Bar Length : min. 3200 mm - max. 6500 mm

Bundle Loading System Capacity : max. 4000 Kg

Unloading Length : max. 4500 mm


Sheet Working Range

CP 3015 : 3000 x 1500mm

CP 4020 : 4000 x 2000 mm

Z axis : 150 mm

Max. Speed (Single Axis) : 140 m/min

Max. Speed (Combined XY Axis) : 196 m/min

Positioning Accuracy : 0.05mm


Our 3 KW Laser Machine Set Up

Material & Max Thickness

Mild Steel


Stainless Steel






16 mm

12 mm

10 mm



6 mm

6 mm



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