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Global Strategic Alliance

At present, we have associated with two European companies

Automationstechnik & BLOKSMA Engineering GmbH. With these partnerships we look to

strengthen our offerings, knowledge base and technical know-how to provide world-class solutions to our clients.

Both BLOKSMA and  Automationstechnik are leaders in their

own right and it has been a mutually beneficial partnership till date.

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Automationstechnik Sp. z o.o. (AT) is a recognized supplier of industrial equipment in the European markets. They specialize in designing and building machines and assembly lines to automate production processes.


Raptech & Automationstechnik joined hands in 2018 to offer automation solutions to global clients.

We offer collaborative solutions in the following areas

•  Material Handling Automation

(Pick and Place, Robotic/Gantry/Servo Slide Systems)

•  Automotive Airbags Auto-Folding Machines

•  Assembly Lines in E-Battery, Auto Components,        Powertrain assemblies, Car seats

•  Validation SPM – Torque test, Force Test, Noise Test


Going forward we aim to focus on providing comprehensive solutions to Indian & European customers & grow business in Automotive, Electrical & Electronics Industry.

Bloksma Anc

Bloksma is a leading full-range supplier in the field of inhouse logistics.


Bloksma can optimize existing plants, equipment, production processes and help reduce the incidental production costs.

Our collaboration began in 2017 with an exclusive dealership for Bloksma products in India by Raptech Engineering.


Our partnership has been growing consistently over the last 5 years.

We have the following products for the Indian markets.

1. Lifters

2. Trolleys

3. Work piece carriers

4. Flow racks

5. Supermarket

6. Transport logistics

This dealership is helping customers in India enhance their material logistics.

We are delighted to give customers a solution for achieving optimized material flow.

Both the teams are now aiming to increase the business

volumes by offering solutions across Pharma, FMCG market & warehousing market

in addition to current automotive market.

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