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Customised Engineering solutions for 
Material Handling


How to Optimize Material Handling in
Automotive Manufacturing Facility?

Factory settings, as we know, are complex. Materials are stored, handled, and moved before they are gradually put to use on the assembly line. Thousands and thousands of parts with varied make and sizes are brought into the facility at any given point. The importance of optimum material handling can be understood when you realize its impact on manufacturing. Automakers have to ensure that the material is moved only when required for the production otherwise there are chances that these materials can get mishandled, misplaced, damaged, or misapplied. Such errors not only cost materialistically but also in efforts, time, and productivity. Moving and handling things can cost time that can easily be utilized for efficient production.
With a well-organized material handling system, you can ensure movement, protection, storage and control of materials and products - from movement, storage, and protection of products, to manufacturing, warehousing, and distribution. Being one of the most critical processes of logistics and shipping, proper optimization of material handling is crucial for every factory setting.
We, at Raptech can help you enhance and speed up your material handling and management systems to help ensure increase in productivity and rapid delivery. With the help of our thoughtfully designed engineering solutions and expertise of over 25 years, you can benefit at various stages of material handling and product manufacturing.

Following strategies can help you improve on
Material handling and Management :

1. Defining State of the Process :

With the help of regular inventory check-ups and maintenance of all equipments involved, you can identify the progress of the on-going operation. This check up includes data regarding number of processed orders, number of line done by each operator, cost of leasing and forklift, utility cost, etc. Machines like pallets, conveyors, erectors, tapers, etc require maintenance. Ensure regular inspection of equipments and logging them to resolve any unprecedented problem. Lastly, keep spare parts of all machines readily available. Such preplanning keep orders moving.


2. Use Correct Tools :

To achieve efficiency in material handling process, using the right tools is really important. With the help of well-established suppliers, you can be assured of timely distribution and effective local support. This can boost production, efficiency, responsiveness, and accuracy.


3.  Automating the Process :

Automation is said to be the future of warehousing. With effective automation of material handling, you can save and utilize time in better, more productive work. Automation helps in developing consistency and automats handling material related information like flow, desired types, and processes. Experts at Raptech Engineering can help you with customized storage solutions to enhance your automation and have an effective and efficient storage facility.


4.  Conduct Storage flow Analysis  :

With the help of a storage-flow analysis you can determine the size of your storage facilities and identify methods to reduce travel time of materials throughout the business premises. It can also help streamline material flow, storage, transport, and inspection process. With this, you can analyze the labour needed for material handling and the equipments required in the process. The storage- flow analysis can help you establish the correct balance of quality, cost, safety, and delivery without having to compromise on any one of them.

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5.  Thoughtful Storage Layout  :

A thoughtful and intelligent storage layout is effective in time management. Storage facility designs play a vital role in making processes smooth and improving different operations within the facility.

Raptech’s skilfully engineered solutions can help you organize your storage efficiently. Our customizable solutions help to increase productivity and the speed of the production. Our trolley and pallets are designed to reduce the possibility of loss or damage of materials. Our value addition is our decades of expertise that can help you make the workflow smooth, quick, and rapid, like our solutions!

We develop products keeping our customers’ concerns, requirements, and feedbacks in mind. We provide our clients with a wide range of material handling equipment to optimize material handling in their automotive manufacturing facility.

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