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Product Categories



Assembly, Inspection, Machining and Welding Fixtures

Fixtures are crucial to any automotive manufacturing company. They not only ensure precision and robustness in the manufacturing process, but also make products uniform and interchangeable. Raptech manufactures fixtures that are sturdy, functional and diversified. We understand the need of your industry and provide fixtures for varied shop floor operations. As a result, we make your processes smooth, saving you time and cost.



Paint Shop Solutions

Like fixtures, sturdy Paint Shop Jigs are essential to ensure even and flawless painting of vehicle bodies. At Raptech, Paint Shop Solutions are manufactured in a systematic and tested way. Right from the design to sample products, we keep the activity completely customer-centric. The design keeps evolving according to the client needs and results from the test runs. The final products we deliver are always accurate, tailor-made to your requirement and contribute in enhancing your operations.



Customised Material Handling Solutions

As manufacturing industries have grown bigger, material handling has become more innovative and sophisticated. Raptech provides a variety of solutions in this category – trollies, dollies, monomi, pallets and storage equipment. The products are designed considering various parameters like space available at the client site, budget and material transport requirements. While the products provide resourceful ways of material handling, they are also strongly built to store and protect your products.



Special Purpose Machines.

Automotive Manufacturing Industry works on a number of vehicles with specific features. The manufacturing, in turn, has to be customised to provide the best solution. Raptech Engineering comes in with Special Purpose Machines in such scenarios. For specific punching operations, pressing operations, washing applications and assembly applications amongst others, we provide highly customised and innovative solutions. The process entails assessment of current operations of the client, designing a solution that will optimise the processes and delivering a perfect and productive solution.



Precision Machine Components

Precision Machine Components, though tiny in appearance, play an important role in the manufacturing industry. For their functionality to be consistent and precise, they must be manufactured with great accuracy. Raptech’s fully equipped facility, with CNC machines and skilled operators, is proficient in this special manufacturing requirement. Our products in this category adhere to the designs provided by the client. Our undivided focus is on quality without any compromise.


Conveyors, Automation and
Assembly Line Building

Speed has surely evolved to be the differentiating factor for automotive manufacturing industries. Automation in assembly line helps companies to increase the production quantity in drastic proportions. Raptech, with refined Process Study and Line Balancing (as per cycle time study), brings in the crucial factor of accuracy in mass production. Be it Power Train, BIW or Vehicle Plastic Components, we give prominence to flawless yet rapid functioning. Our Process Validation makes sure that the products are in sync with the client needs, always.


Vehicle Assembly Tools

Vehicle Assembly Tool manufacturing is a highly customised and detailed job at Raptech. We understand that Vehicle Assembly is a critical part of automotive manufacturing and requires precision. Be it Gap Gauges or Taper Wedges or Logo Mounting Tools, we ensure that our products are highly functional and precise. We undertake a methodical process - site visit, designing with client inputs, approval and finally, manufacturing and quality control. We also implement what we call Reverse Engineering, when client provides some samples and required us to manufacture tools based on those.


Engine Protection Caps and
PU Moulded Parts

In our endeavour to innovate and offer our clients more, Raptech has developed tools that enhance manufacturing operations. Engine Protection Caps is a special product that protects Engine Ports from dust particles. The caps protect automotive parts throughout the assembly process and only removed when the part assume their respective positions. Like all our other operations, we follow a studied process here - from manufacturing Moulding Die for the Caps to Die Inspection to Sample Validation. A thoughtful, improvised and accurate design then goes for mass production.



We provide customised, precise
and quality solutions to
the automotive and logistic industries.




Raptech Engineering is a prolific enterprise dedicated to providing precise, customised and rapid solutions to the automotive manufacturing industry. With exhaustive infrastructure, logical work flow and end-to-end processes, we host products in over 8 important categories. Through a work culture of continuous improvement and timely delivery, we always aim to provide thoughtful solutions to your complex requirements.

Raptech began as a dream of Mr. Sitaram Borhade, a machine operator who set up Nitin Engineering in 1990. The company with one Lathe Machine was transformed through the values of assurance, dedication and a thrust on technically precise solutions. With an attitude of partnering with our clients for mutual growth, we have grown into a project management company that maintains international standards of manufacturing and delivery.

Raptech Engineering, an entity formed in 2011, carries forward the founding ethos and continues to grow in size and value. We strive to transform our experience and integrity into consistently accurate products and reliable services. Our objective is to make your job easier and playing our part - with rapid precision and tangible reliability.

Nitin Borhade

Executive Director

A simple person with a broader outlook, Nitin is someone who loves challenges and innovation. He has been part of the Raptech story right from the company’s inception. While he handles complex deals in Business Development and Marketing, he is equally connected to the smallest detail on the shop floor. A graduate from Pune University, Nitin now has over 20 years of experience in the automobile industry. His leadership qualities are evolutionary in nature, rather than theoretical.

Deepak Borhade

Managing Director

A polite, organised and assiduous man, Deepak is someone who believes in teamwork and collaboration for mutual growth. Apart from managing the day-to-day production activities at Raptech, he also looks after finance and marketing. His systematic planning has helped the company achieve consistent and reliable quality. His personal connect with every employee helps in uniting them and in aligning the company operations towards a larger goal.



The infrastructure of Raptech Engineering is built with an acute understanding of the needs of the industry. We are located in an industrial zone in Pune, in a sprawling area of 15,000 square feet. The facility is equipped with machines that can perform complex tasks, logically arranged departments and above all, a skilled and experienced workforce.

Highly Equipped Shop Floor

More than the number of machines, the highlight of our shop floor is its capability. We possess an array of Lathe Machines, Milling Machines, Jig Boring Machine, Surface and Cylindrical Grinding Machines and 3 brand-new VMCs (from renowned brands like DMG Morieseiki and BFW). Along with this infrastructure, we have instilled in our workforce the knowledge and capability to manufacture solutions for the most complex solutions

Logically Arranged Departments

The basis of a good product is logical workflow. While focussing on teamwork, we have made it a point to divide work in expert teams. Departments like Design, Project Management, Machine Shop, Fabrication Shop, Quality Assurance and Inspection, Purchase and Store lend us the ability to focus on every detail and manufacture the perfect solution.

Efficient Logistics

Efficient Logistics save valuable time and are also important from the perspective of safety and convenience. Be it our Overhead Crane with a capacity of 5 tonnes or various material handling ideas, we make sure the potential of our workforce is used optimally. This eventually contributes in both the quality and the quantity of production.


Rapid Project Initiation

At Raptech, we understand the value of speed in the manufacturing industry. We keep our business processes crisp; a special team takes care of the quotation and proposal process. This not only helps you make a faster decision, but also keeps up the momentum after the initial discussions.

Thoughtful Solutions

We don’t believe in templates that lead to rigidity. Our solutions are inclined towards accommodating specific requirements of the client. During the complete process – from requirement gathering to design to manufacturing – we keep discussing, improving and innovating.

Assured Quality

One of our founding ethos, quality is something to which we pay intense attention. Right from the design to manufacturing to quality control, we adopt quality as a process and not something of an add-on. A clear understanding of the requirements and careful implementation make quality a consistent feature of our products.



Mr. Sitaram Borhade founded Nitin Engineering in 1990, with adaptability, flexibility and quality as the founding values. In our work culture, we have imbibed the dictum of treating our clients as guests and collaborators. A conscious effort towards consistency and innovation are also at the base of our core values.

Dedicated Support

Addressing any concerns of the client and providing them with optimum solutions is our commitment. We continuously work towards providing the best possible solutions and fulfilling the requirements as completely as possible.

Ready-to-Go Approach

We love to work. It is a drive that comes from both – our integrity towards our job and the urge to serve the clients earnestly and promptly. This has built an approach of rolling our sleeves and getting to work with zest and appetite, every day.

Continuous Improvement

We firmly believe that there is always a better way to do things. So along with the machines, software and procedures, the way we think and apply our knowledge is constantly evolving. The eventual goal is to provide you the most optimum and the most adequate solution.



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Partnership with Raptech

Raptech and BLOKSMA is an organic partnership with the ethos of Collaboration at the basis of both the organisations’ work culture. Mutual admiration and respect for each other’s work has developed a bond of trust between us. With a systematic approach, we are promoting BLOKSMA products in the Indian market and simultaneously expanding Raptech in the European market through BLOKSMA. The eventual objective, of both the companies, remains to ensure mutual growth and serving the client with the finest products.


OUR PARTNERSHIP WITH Automationstechnik

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Partnership with Raptech

Automationstechnik Sp. z o.o is oriented to the needs of the client manufacturer of technologically advanced equipment for the automation of production and complete production lines. Automationstechnik specializes in the construction of equipment and lines for manufacturers of automotive, electrical, electronics, food, household chemicals.



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We provide cost-effective solutions to the automotive manufacturing industry, with precision and quality catering to international standards.

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